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An article titled "The content of the offer is inconsistent with the terms of the order", authored by Marcin Boczek, a member of #SPZP, was published in the Rzeczpospolita daily.

"In the above-mentioned provision, the legislator unequivocally indicated how to submit the deposit in the form of a guarantee or surety to the Ordering Party. Therefore, there is no doubt that under PZP, for the deposit made in the form of an insurance guarantee to be considered correctly submitted, the document must be submitted to the Ordering Party in the original, in electronic form."

The author refers to examples from the rulings of the National Appeal Chamber. He emphasizes that it is important to submit the original of the pledge document in the form in which it was issued by the guarantor, and not, for example, a scanned document with the contractor's electronic signature.

This approach is aimed at ensuring the certainty of economic turnover and enabling the contracting authority to effectively validate guarantee documents.

The content of the publication is also available in the electronic version of the daily.

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